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Need some help figuring out what energy efficiency and renewable energy programs are available to your business? We've put together a comprehensive list of programs available to your business through the City and County of Broomfield, as well as our partners at Xcel Energy and United Power.

City and County of Broomfield

Colorado Commercial PACE Financing

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) enables building owners in Broomfield to fund 100% of the cost of energy efficiency and water conservation improvements. C-PACE long-term financing (up to 20 years) enables cash flow positive projects with no upfront capital outlay

Enhance Boomfield Grant Program The Enhance Broomfield program is designed to assist new and existing business owners with the improvement of commercial and industrial zoned properties located in the City and County of Broomfield. Eligible uses of funds include activities that can also increase energy efficiency such as repair or replacement of windows or doors.
BEST LinkedIn Group

A group intended to encourage dialog, build connections, and share tips and best practices around energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities in the Broomfield business community.

Xcel Energy

Some of the most popular Xcel Energy energy efficiency and renewable energy programs are highlighted below. A full list of programs and eligibility details is here or online at

Energy Efficiency

Business Energy Analysis

The Energy Analysis program is a first step to help businesses identify ways to save energy and reduce costs. Xcel Energy’s energy audit options provide the flexibility to choose the level of detail you’ll receive from your facility’s energy audit.

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency

Offers business customers with self-contained refrigeration units, walk-in coolers or freezers, or reach-in refrigeration systems a FREE REFRIGERATION ENERGY ASSESSMENT designed to identify system improvements that can lower energy use and qualify for rebate incentives.

Compressed Air Efficiency

Lower your energy costs by increasing efficiency in your compressed air system. Xcel Energy helps fund studies that pinpoint leaks or waste and identify recommendations, paybacks, rebate opportunities and estimated energy savings.

Computer Efficiency

Provides cash rebates for replacing traditional desktop PCs with thin clients and/or for commercial computers (PCs) that are controlled by remote powered management software.

Cooling Efficiency

Cash rebates for replacing or updating your cooling system using the latest cooling technology.

Data Center Efficiency

Cash rebates for replacing or updating data center operations using the latest technology.

Energy Management Systems

Rebates for the purchase and installation of automated building controls

Heating Efficiency

Cash rebates for new installation and upgrading natural gas heating systems. Only Xcel Energy retail natural gas customers are eligible.

Lighting Efficiency

Rebates for purchasing and installing energy-efficient lighting equipment.

Motor & Drive Efficiency

Rebates are available for variable frequency or adjustable speed drives and for new motors that exceed energy efficiency standards.


Improve the efficiency of existing building operations by identifying existing functional systems that can be “tuned up” to run as efficiently
as possible through low- or no-cost improvements.

Small Business Lighting

Includes a free lighting assessment plus lighting retrofit rebates for small to mid-sized business customers. Small business customers under 100 kW also qualify for direct installations at the time of the assessment.

Small Building Tune-Up

Assists small business customers to improve the efficiency of existing building operations. Through the Building Tune-Up audit, Xcel Energy identifies functional systems that can be “tuned up” to run as efficiently as possible through low- or no-cost improvements.

Renewable Energy

Solar*Rewards for Business

Through Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards® for Businesses program, you install solar panels at your business to help produce your own energy. If you produce more energy than you need, Xcel Energy will purchase the extra energy and renewable energy credits (REC) that you generate.

Windsource for Business

Buy affordable, renewable wind energy for your business.


Coming soon in early 2018!

United Power

Commercial LED Lighting

Rebates offered for both Commercial Light Replacement and New buildings.

LED Refrigerated Case Lighting

Rebates for retrofitting existing case lighting and new cases.

LED Pole Mounted Lighting

Rebates offered for retrofitting and new construction.

Commercial Energy Audits

Level 1 Energy Audits for commercial customers, which will provide customer a comprehensive report with suggestions for reducing energy inputs, any rebates available for recommended measures, and expected return on investment.

Refrigerated Case/Walk-in Cooler Fan Motor Retrofit

Rebates available for ECM replacements in existing or new cases installed in an existing store of location.

Irrigation Motors

Rebate offered on new permanent installed motors: 10-500 HP.

Variable Speed Drive Retrofit

Rebates available on retrofit installations on Motors from 25 to 250 HP.

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Senior Economic Development Specialist

Xcel Energy

Not sure what program is the right fit for your business? Call the Xcel Energy Business Solutions Center at 1-800-481-4700 to talk to an Energy Efficiency Specialist for free energy advice and expertise.

United Power

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Community Affairs Representative

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