Skilled Workforce

Metro Denver & Colorado

As one of the leading innovation centers in the United States, the Metro Denver area attracts a talented, youthful workforce who brings a high level of education, and stay for our creative western spirit, easy work life balance, and vast outdoor playground.  

Colorado is constantly ranked in the top five states when it comes to workforce. We boast one of the country’s most highly educated workforces, and when it comes to supply, in 2013, Forbes ranked Colorado #1 for labor supply.

“An educated labor supply and a migrating population is attracted to its robust economy and outdoor recreational opportunities. At 38%, Colorado adults have the second highest level of college attainment, behind only Massachusetts. Colorado is expected to have the third fastest growth for both jobs and household incomes over the next five years.” – Forbes, 2013 Best States for Business And Careers

Pulling from both the Denver Metropolitan region, which is ranked by Forbes as sixth among large metropolitan areas for gaining college graduates, with a 19.0% increase between 2007-2012 among large metropolitan cities, and Boulder, which Forbes ranks first in education among metropolitan areas, Broomfield has access to an unparalleled workforce.

The Denver region doesn’t just sport a talented and educated workforce, but also access to young talent. According to Niche, Denver is the seventh best city for millennials.


Major freeways, highways, and public transportation in the area allow Broomfield companies to draw from a highly skilled labor force of over 1.7 million, which is growing at one of the fastest rates in the country.  Broomfield companies are the beneficiaries, with the metro area ranked among the top 20 in the country for educational attainment. More than 30 national and international corporations have located their corporate headquarters in the City of Broomfield because of its highly educated workforce and close proximity to the University of Colorado Boulder. In addition, Broomfield offers a wide array of amenities in the community that make employee recruitment and retention easy. Broomfield residents, business owners, and employees enjoy an exceptional quality of life and business atmosphere.